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Welcome to
Carolina Public Warehouse

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When CPW was founded in 1957, the public warehousing industry was unlike we know today. For one thing, public warehousing has now grown into 3PL (third party logistics) and provides a vast array of services that were never considered in 1957.

While many of the changes have come about due to advancements in information technology, many changes have more to do with expanded service offerings in logistics and distribution. One example that illustrates this is the 'Just-in-Time' inventory model where a business will depend on a logistics company such as CPW to manage, allocate and distribute their inventory at just the right moment.

These days, it's simply not enough to store product in a dry, safe warehouse facility. A logistics manager has to know that their third party logistics partner will provide cost effective, efficient and reliable services.

At CPW, we have been meeting and exceeding our customer's expectations for many years and this will always be our goal. No matter how much any given industry advances, there are constants that should never change: optimum customer service, integrity, dependability, responsiveness, commitment and a willingness to devote time, energy and resources to keeping our people well trained and fully qualified to meet your requirements.

If you are seeking a third party logistics partner in the Carolinas or Virginia, we would appreciate your consideration of Carolina Public Warehouse. We are confident you will be completely satisfied with the service and commitment we will provide.

Larry Hicks
Carolina Public Warehouse, Inc.
3609 Glenn Ave.
P. O. Box 4508
Winston-Salem, NC 27115-4508

Phone: (336) 767-2891
Fax: (336) 767-1863

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Our Distribution Territory
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Carolina Public Warehouse 3609 Glenn Avenue Winston-Salem, NC 27105 336-767-2891
Worldwide Logistics
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Carolina Public Warehouse handles hundreds of containers a year...
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Safe - Reliable Storage
At CPW, we use the most modern lift trucks in the public warehousing industry...
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Railway Transport
CPW has twenty rail slots and can unload and handle 20 box cars per day...
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Leading Edge IT
CPW utilizes the latest information technology available to the 3PL industry...
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Carolina Public Warehouse, Inc. • 3609 Glenn Ave. • Winston-Salem, NC • (336) 767-2891
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shipping containers at seaCarolina Public Warehouse, Inc. handles hundreds of containers a year. Our relationships give you quick turnarounds and expedited delivery so draymen are not required to wait.

We are serviced from several eastern ports, including Savannah GA, Charleston SC, Wilmington NC, Norfolk VA, and Newport News VA, giving us the ability to handle all your container needs throughout the Eastern United States.

We receive freight from locations around the globe including: Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Finland, Austria, Omar, Czech Republic, Japan, China and Korea.
hyster fork liftAt CPW, we use the newest, most modern and reliable lift trucks available in the public warehousing industry. 

Our lift equipment has the ability to add attachments such as slip-sheet, barrel clamps, paper roll clamps, small diameter clamps to 72", drum hooks, box squeezers, double fork and boom poles, giving CPW the ability to move product quickly and efficiently.

But making the necessary investment in modern equipment is only half the story.

Our employees have always been the key to our success because of their commitment to our customers. By keeping abreast of logistics and distribution technologies, they ensure our customer's satisfaction.
train siding imageCPW has twenty rail slots and can unload and handle 20 box cars per day.

But what does this mean to you?

This number of rail slots puts CPW a step ahead of its local counterparts because we can accommodate larger shipments and do so with greater efficiency. When it comes to managing your inventory ---especially in a just-in-time environment--- we have the inbound logistics to get your products to our dock quickly and with minimal delays.

In addition to this, our office is adjacent to the central Norfolk-Southern office (CYO) in Winston-Salem. We work closely with our partners at Norfolk-Southern to ensure that your products arrive on schedule and are properly inventoried. Our rock-solid relationship with Norfolk-Southern makes a qualitative difference every day.

IT LAN switch imageCPW utilizes the latest information technology available to the 3PL industry to provide our customers with the crucial information they need for success.

Our goal of being the best provider of fully integrated logistics services for our customers requires us to constantly improve and expand our information technology.

We maintain hardware that is upgraded on a regular basis as well as proven state of the art 3PLINK software, database, and visibility applications. Our software applications are designed to support a variety of industries while optimizing user efficiencies. For example, our advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows our customers to know the status of their orders and inventory immediately.

Some of the features within our software that will increase efficiencies include:
ASN or blind receiving Dynamic RF allocation
Shipment order processing EDI capabilities
Directed put-away Bar-coding and RF terminals
Each, case, and pallet-picking

Internet reporting for open orders, inventory and other reports

Stock locator, date code tracking, stock rotation Kitting
Product hold, trace and recall Customer billing, invoicing and reporting
Physical inventory and cycle counting RFID